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The table below lists the additions and significant changes that have been made to the Calculators section of this Web Museum. The date of the most recent update is always shown at the bottom of each page.

Date Section Details
2022-09-04 Technical Revised and expanded the Notes on overhauling a mechanical calculator, especially the Cleaning and Lubrication sections.
2022-06-10 Technical Major revision of Facit TK/NTK/C1-13 rebuilding procedure.
Added Facit TK/NTK/C1-13 mechanical changes page
2022-03-08 Contex Added two Contex carrying cases.
2022-03-06 Technical Added new Rebuilding procedure for the Model J Comptometer, revised the 3D11 rebuilding procedure.
2022-03-06 Technical Revised the Technical Description of the Model J Comptometer, added many new illustrations.
2022-03-06 Bell Punch Company Major revision. Added new pictures, added more PLUS and Sumlock machines, now includes Sumlock machines with Comptometer nameplates.
2022-03-06 Felt & Tarrant (Comptometer) Moved Sumlock machines with Comptometer nameplates to Bell Punch Company page; added 8-column Sterling Model J.
2021-12-19 Pinwheel Added Thales Model B, c.1920.
2021-12-19 Addo and Multo Added late-model Multo 3.
2021-12-01 Marchant Revised text, added Dactyle, Standard, XL (two versions), and XLA.
2021-07-06 Printing calculators Added two S.A.B.A. AddMaster machines.
2021-06-19 Slide Adders ("Addiators") Major revision, added many more machines.
2021-05-30 Burroughs Revised text, added 10-column Class 3 bookkeeping machine, 1919.
2021-05-26 Sanyo Revised text, added CY-8150, CY-2131, CY-2132, CY-5012, CZ-8100.
2020-11-10 Addo and Multo Added new page with ten Addo and Multo calculators, revised entries on Printing and Pinwheel pages.
2020-09-15 Technical Updated the Odhner 239 rebuilding procedure with many small improvements and clarifications.
2020-05-07 Friden Added Singer/Friden/Hitachi 1115 electronic calculator, 1970.
2019-12-01 Friden Added US Army hand-crankable STW.
2019-09-10 Casio Added Casio Memory A-1, 1976.
2019-09-08 Sharp Added Sharp EL-8118, 1976.
2019-01-24 Technical Added reproduction Instruction Manual for the Fuller Calculator (cylindrical slide rule).
Added reproduction Friden Effort Savers promotional booklet.
2018-12-18 Casio Added Casio "Mini" CM-604, 1974.
2018-11-19 Sharp Added Sharp PC-1802 "Digital Rule" (portable scientific calculator), 1974.
2018-10-09 Pinwheel Revised text, added Tiger H68-21 pinwheel, 1968.
2018-07-31 Technical Added reproduction Instruction Manual for Friden "Super-Matic Tabulator" Model ST.
2018-07-26 Small adding machines Added SOLO Handy Adder in red.
2018-05-10 Technical Revised the Technical description of the Adwel W504 printing calculator.
2017-09-19 Technical Revised the Technical description of the Odhner pinwheel mechanism and the Rebuilding procedure for the Odhner 239; added a new Rebuilding procedure for the Odhner 127.
2017-07-17 Brunsviga Various minor revisions, added 94T carry bag.
2017-07-07 Olivetti Added Underwood Model 400 (re-styled Elettrosumma 22).
2017-07-04 Small adding machines Revised text, added Thales Model KA small adding machine.
2017-06-13 Bell Punch Company Revised text, added 9-column Sumlock "Duolectric".
2015-07-06 H.W.Egli Revised text, added Madas Model 16eN.
2015-07-01 Facit Revised text, added Facit Model C1-19, manual, with carriage, 10x10x19, 1956.
2014-05-28 Small adding machines Revised text, added Summira Model 8£ disc adder.
2014-01-15 Miniature Added to Curta section.
2014-01-13 Precisa Added new page for Precisa AG, Zurich, Switzerland (also known as Hermes and Hermes-Precisa).
2014-01-10 H.W.Egli Updated Register of Millionaire calculators, added statistics page.
2013-12-03 All Site relocated to due to closure of Vicnet hosting services. Sorry for the inconvenience.
2013-11-23 Full-function Ten-key Added Hermes-Precisa Model 167-12.
2013-11-12 Pinwheel Added Dactyle/Chateau S/N 6487.
2013-10-29 Bell Punch Company Added PLUS Rapid Adder for Imperial weights.
2013-10-22 H.W.Egli Added details of 50 more still-extant machines to the Register of Millionaire calculators.
2013-06-10 Small adding machines Revised text, added Summira Model S8£ disc adding/printing machine, 1960s.
2013-02-27 Olympia Added Olympia CD-71 8-digit portable calculator (single chip, NiCad batteries, 1974).
2013-02-10 Technical Added new page on Removing and refitting the Triplex carriage to the Technical description of the MADAS Portable.
2013-02-04 Sharp Added Sharp PC-1002 desktop scientific calculator, 1974.
Added internal description of PC-1001 and PC-1002.
2013-01-21 Casio Added Casio FX-20 scientific, FX-39 scientific, and SL-110 solar calculators.
2013-01-21 Electronic-Portable Added Adler 108T scientific calculator.
2013-01-15 Sanyo Added new page with 12 early electronic calculators from the Sanyo Electric Company.
2013-01-15 Technical Updated internal descriptions of Sanyo ICC-1122 and ICC-1123 (1971-73).
2013-01-02 Olympia Added Olympia CD-200 10-digit desk calculator (5-chip, Solitron, 1971) and internal description.
2013-01-01 Sharp Revised text, added Sharp EL-8 and EL-811 8-digit battery portables, 1971 and 1972.
Revised internal description of EL-8 and 8M.
Added internal description of EL-811, EL-816, and EL-8102.
2012-12-22 Brunsviga Added Brunsviga 13RM pinwheel calculator, 1960s.
2012-05-27 Technical Revised Odhner 239 rebuilding instructions.
2012-05-16 Felt & Tarrant (Comptometer) Added several Related Items - Comptometer oil cans, operators' pin and ring, and Comptometer playing cards.
2012-05-12 Olivetti Added Olivetti Divisumma 18 portable electronic printing calculator, MOS-LSI, 1973, and internal description.
2012-04-16 Olivetti Added Olivetti Logos 58 electronic printing calculator, MOS-LSI, 1973, and internal description.
2012-04-08 Small adding machines Revised text, added Adix single-column adder, 1903.
2012-03-08 Monroe Revised text, added Monroe LA7-200, 1950s.
2012-02-08 Olympia Added Olympia CD-400, DTL-SSI (139 chips), 1970, and internal description.
2012-01-27 Monroe Revised text, added Monroe LA9-203, 1960.
2011-12-22 Technical Added several more reproduction calculator manuals, some in colour.
2011-11-30 Sharp
Revised text, added Sharp CS-363 16-digit desk calculator (6-chip, Rockwell, 1971).
Revised page for related Sharp-built Facit 1135J.
2011-11-09 Canon Revised text, added Canon L1630 16-digit desk calculator (5-chip, Hitachi, 1973).
2011-10-20 Technical Added several more reproduction calculator manuals to the Manuals page.
2011-07-13 Casio Added Casio's first "scientific" caclulator, the FX-10 (1974).
2011-05-15 Various Added seven 1970s electronic calculators:
Sharp EL-814 pocket calculator (LED, 1973), Adler EC-60 portable (1973),
Litronix 1100 portable (LED, 1974), Casio Memory-8R pocket calculator (1975),
Qualitron 1450 pocket scientific (1976), Imperial (Litton) IC-900 desktop (1973), and
Monroe (Litton) 273M desktop printing calculator (1979).
2011-03-20 Comptometer Operator Added new page for the Australian Comptometer Competition of 1925.
2011-02-23 Felt & Tarrant (Comptometer) Revised text, added 4 photos, added Comptometer Model A (1905) and Comptometer Model E (1914).
2011-01-30 Victor Added Tallymaster Model 37-57-0 manual add-list machine (1960s), and Tallymate Model 85 portable electronic calculator (1972).
2010-11-29 Technical Updated Olivetti Logos 240 technical description, added details of MOS-LSI main board (1973).
2010-11-27 Monroe Updated text, added LN-160X portable (1950s) and reproduction CSA-8/10 manual.
2010-09-17 Technical Added several more reproduction calculator manuals.
2010-06-07 Casio Revised text, added Casio Mini (1972) and Casio Memory 8F (c.1975)
2010-06-04 Friden Added Singer/Friden 1200 electronic portable calculator, 1973
2010-05-07 Printing Calculators Added Precisa 208-10, 1968.
2010-05-07 Casio Added Sperry-Remington 1125-M (variant of Casio Pocket Mini), 1975.
2010-04-11 Casio Added Casio 101 electronic desk calculator, discrete-component DTL, 1966.
2010-04-07 Technical Revised and expanded the rebuilding procedure for the Felt & Tarrant Comptometer. The new notes can be used with any of the manual rock-frame models from 1919 onwards.
2010-02-28 Technical Added technical description of Anita 1011-LSI (c.1970).
2010-02-28 Bell Punch Company Revised text, added Anita 1000 and 1011-LSI (c.1970).
2010-02-04 Burroughs Revised text, added 7 more Burroughs Portables (1920s-1960s) and one J-1000 series (1960s).
2009-12-30 Casio Revised text, updated ilustrations, added Casio Mini models CM-603, CM-605, and Root-M (1973-74).
Added FX-101 scientific calculator (1976).
2009-12-20 Sharp Revised text, added EL-122 6/12-digit portable and CS-523 desktop printing calculators (1974).
2009-11-16 Olympia Added Olympia CP-1210 electronic printing calculator (1976).
2009-10-28 Technical Added new page with details of reproduction calculator manuals.
2009-10-22 Electronic Added 6 mid-1970s machines to the Portable electronic calculators page.
2009-09-25 Technical Updated Facit C1-13 rebuilding procedure with notes on reassembling the rotor linear bearing.
2009-09-19 Victor Added new page for theVictor Adding Machine Company, with 11 mechanical and 2 electronic machines.
2009-09-15 Key-driven calculators Added Dacometer Model 508 half-keyboard adder for Sterling currency.
2009-09-09 Original-Odhner Revised text, added Original-Odhner Model 23.
2009-08-26 Printing Calculators Added Remington Monarch Model 93.
2009-08-15 Printing Calculators Revised and reorganised Printing Calculators section with 12 new machines from Barrett, Sundstrand, and others.
2009-08-02 Calculating Machines Reorganised Calculating Machines main page.
2009-07-25 Electronic Reorganised electronic calculator section.
Revised and updated Canon page.
Added new pages for Compucorp and Casio calculators.
2009-07-11 Facit Added Facit Model 1124, electronic, DTL-SSI (151 chips), 1968.
2009-07-05 Technical Revised and restructured Original-Odhner pinwheel mechanism description.
Added new page on Rebuilding the Original-Odhner Model 239 pinwheel calculator.
2009-06-17 Olivetti Revised text, added Logos 240 (electronic, 1970).
2009-06-17 Technical Added Olivetti Logos 240 technical description.
2009-04-27 Pinwheel Added Muldivo Mentor (a re-badged Walther WSR-160).
2009-04-14 Bell Punch Company Updated text, added more patent and nameplate details.
2009-04-01 Technical Added step-by-step rebuilding procedure for the PLUS Rapid Adder.
2009-03-29 Key-driven Re-structured Key-driven calculators (previously Comptometers) section, numerous minor updates and changes.
2009-03-27 Pinwheel Added Triumphator 9x8x13, s/n 8252.
2009-03-15 Contex Updated text and photos, added 2 more variants of Contex Model A.
2009-03-05 Technical Revised Madas ATG Description of Operation.
2009-01-24 Technical Added mechanism description and step-by-step rebuilding procedure for Addo Multo Model 113 pinwheel calculator.
2008-12-29 Olivetti Revised text, added Divisumma 422 (electronic).
2008-12-23 Brunsviga Added Brunsviga Model B (early version).
2008-12-23 Pinwheel Added Thales Model A.
2008-11-24 Miniature Added new page for Miniature full-function calculators - Curta, Multifix, and Alpina.
2008-10-30 Lagomarsino Added new page for Lagomarsino - Numeria and Totalia calculators.
2008-10-15 Brunsviga Revised text, added Brunsviga MIII.
2008-10-10 Friden Revised text, added photo of Carl Friden.
2008-09-29 Technical Added mechanism description for Facit Model C1-13 pinwheel calculator (hand-cranked).
Added mechanism description for Facit Model CA2-16 pinwheel calculator (fully-automatic).
Added step-by-step procedure for Rebuilding the Facit Model C1-13.
2008-09-26 Technical Added new page of Notes on overhauling a mechanical calculator.
2008-05-26 Sharp Updated entries for PC-1001 and CS743R
2008-04-15 Walther Added new page for Walther calculators
2008-03-25 Hans W Egli Revised text, added MADAS 20BTG (two versions), added two 1940s advertising fliers.
2008-03-10 Comptometers Expanded Comptometer Operators section with 3 new pages.
2008-03-04 Comptometers Added Addicalco Model 53
2008-03-02 Small adding machines Added two BriCal 6-dial adders (Sterling and decimal versions)
2008-02-26 Olympia Added new page for Olympia calculators
2007-12-14 Full-function Ten-key Added Walther Diwa 32
2007-11-25 Facit Added Facit CM2-16S
2007-11-21 Hans W Egli Revised text, updated Millionaire register.
2007-11-04 Comptometers Added a new contributed article from a former comptometer operator.
2007-10-25 Home Added Enquiry and feedback form.
2007-10-25 Marchant Added notes on designer Joseph Sinel and DC distribution.
2007-10-25 Facit Added Facit 1111 (OEM version of Sharp EL-8)
2007-10-24 Electronic - desktop Added Compucorp "Alpha 325 Scientist"
2007-09-25 Full-function Ten-key Added new category page for full-function ten-key calculators
2007-09-10 Contex Revised text, new photos of four ten-key machines
2007-09-07 Facit New photos of CA2-16 and 10-07
2007-08-29 Slide Rules Revised text, added Fearns-Mear Pipe Flow Calculator
2007-08-28 Small Adders Added Add-O-Matic Pencil Case
2007-08-27 Facit Revised CM2-16 and CM2-13S
2007-08-20 Sharp Added new page for EL-808 LCD
2007-08-07 Olivetti Added M24, E24CR, D26GT.
2007-07-20 Burroughs Added J524, J700, J1624.
2007-06-27 Small adding machines Extensive revisions and additions.
2007-06-19 Friden Added Friden D10
2007-06-19 Calculating machines Added "What's new" page.
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