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The Form which used to be on this page is no longer available, but enquiries and feedback can still be sent by email.

Please be sure to include your name and your location (city and country) if you would like a reply.

If you have a technical enquiry, please identify your machine clearly by make and model, or include photographs if the model number is not known.

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Some visitors' comments

Visitors to this site have come from many countries around the world. Some of their locations are shown in the map opposite (click to enlarge), and some of their comments are quoted below.

Mechanical music

I must congratulate you on a truly wonderful website which is so extremely helpful. (AC, Malta)

I found very interesting informations about Organettes on your website. Thank You! (HOM, Munich, Germany)

A really useful and informative site, congratulations. (MM, Somers, Australia)

Your website and photos of the GEM ROLLER ORGAN are fantastic. (LTM, San Francisco)

The Rolls arrived here today, and I am Exstatic with them!! (JB, Maine, USA)

I have brightened up the whole neighborhood the past few days with the new rolls! (JB, Ohio, USA)

Calculating machines

Your website is a true work of art. Thank you for all the time and effort you have dedicated to it. (RB, Rhode Island, USA)

Your collection would be already outstanding for the sheer number of machines, but the wealth of information you were able to include is nothing short of awesome. (MR, Italy)

I am most impressed by your fine, authoritative and excellent site. Your photographs and crisp descriptions are particularly useful to see the similarities and differences between related models. Your disassembly of the hand-cranked Facit C1-13 is spectacularly good, and the photographs exemplary. (DR, York, England)

I would like to express my admiration for the incredible website devoted to calculating machines. It is one of my reference websites to learn about it. (IS, Valencia, Spain)

I would like to thank you for the detailed technical information provided on your website, specially for FACIT calculators. I own a TK model (1947) and these informations were crucial to repair it. (NS, Brazil)

I am very impressed by the quality of the reprinted manual and delighted that you have made it available to enthusiasts. (JF, UK)

The Friden manual came in the mail yesterday. I am glad that I bought the book from you. You did an excellent job in its reproduction... I feel that I have the original document. (JB, Ohio, USA)

Thank you for you very enjoyfull homepage about calculators and music. It has indeed been very handy for me! (MLP, Denmark)

Congratulations on a fascinating site, with truly amazingly detailed information! (CC, Ontario, Canada)

Thank you for putting up this website which is a great source of information and inspiration. (RH, Singapore)

I want to send my congratulations for your site. It's very complete and very very interesting. (ET, Argentina)

Excellent website with a wealth of information. I'm tinkering with an SCM 10CM... Your documenation will be invaluable. (BW, Kansas, USA)

I'm glad that people like yourself are so dedicated to saving these nice old machines. (TB, Tonawanda, New York)

Thank you for all the work you have put into this website, I really appreciate the resource. (SA, Ontario, Canada)

Thank you for a terrific website which gives unique depth and quality of coverage on the fantastic internals of electromechanical calculators.(BW, Suffolk, England)

I very much enjoyed your museum of mechanical calculators, particularly the Marchant machines which were built here on the eastern shore of San Francisco Bay. (JG, Berkeley, California)

I was very happy to find via Google your URL, because the Monroematic 88N was my first working tool when I started my professional carrier as a young Engineer in 1961. (WB, France)

Thank you very much for advice and care! Will certainly continue to use your website for tips on repair! (AT, Moscow)

I have had a chance to browse your Millionar pages and they are absolutely fantastic. Especially the maintenance one. (MB, Sydney)

Amazing website! (JC, Mumbai)

I'm really surprised to find so much details about Marchant Calculators. (MR, Hamburg, Germany)

Have printed out and read with care your overhaul article. Anyone touching a calculator will be saved much grief if they read it. (CB, Australia)

Absolutely love your website... Keep up the good work. It is great to see someone is keeping this amazing technology alive. (NR, Sydney)

Thank you for your very detailed mail, which will be very helpful again for restoring this machine. (PB, Holland)

I am the new proud owner of Multo Addo 113 which I have just reconditioned with the help of your site. (IM, Aberdeen, Scotland)

I am currently overhauling a Comptometer Model F and came across your web site. It is outstanding! You have done a wonderful job documenting some fascinating technology. (MH, Ohio)

At last! Your website has shed light on a strange ring I found amongst family jewellery I have inherited. It is a comptometer ring as mentioned on your website. My aunt was a comptometer operator, so it must have belonged to her... (MG, England)

I'm very thankful for your excellent Instructions + Pictures to the MILLIONAIRE. It was a substantial help to restore 2 machines... (CH, Berlin)

I'm happy to report that after many, many hours of work, I've got the machine all back together and it works perfectly! Watching it divide with the automatic carriage shifts is amazing. Again, thanks for you help. (RB, Rhode Island, USA)

Thank you for you site. With such detailed instructions I could dissassemble completely, clean and rebuild correctly a Predom-Mesko clone of Facit C1-13... (FX, Italy)

Thanks to your hard work to give a very comprheensive site about mechanical calculators. I have just started to repair my Multo machine following yours instructions. (JC, Lisbon, Portugal)

The information you shared on your marvelous website, is of help and joy for a lot of people in the world!! (WH, Holland)

The Facit book arrived today...must say it is a very nice reproduction of the original manual. (EM, Denmark)

The operations manual arrived over the weekend. It is really nice quality and even better than I'd hoped. Thank you for making this information available. (MC, Texas, USA)

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