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Millionaire Register Statistics 2019

This page presents some basic statistics derived from the Register of Millionaire Calculators.

As of January 2019, the register contained details of 207 machines, or about 4% of the total production. 18 machines have been added in the past year.

Distribution by country.
Distribution by country

"Unknown" in this chart refers only to location. The machines are known to exist from photographs and serial numbers, mostly in auction catalogues, but the buyers and current locations are unknown.

Distribution by serial number.
Distribution by serial number

H.W.Egli used a single series of numbers for all of their production, but blocks of numbers were reserved for specific models at various times.

Distribution by type.
Distribution by type.

The "Type" codes are made up from four fields:

A fifth field D (when present) indicates a dual-register machine.

"Unknown" in this chart refers to machines for which the "Type" details are incomplete.

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Last Updated: 9 January 2019
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