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Sample Music Files

This page contains a number of short musical samples in MIDI and MP3 format. The tunes have been selected to give an idea of the capabilities of the instruments, and the styles of music that can be found on the original rolls. The MP3 files are only mono, and are quite heavily compressed. The instruments themselves sound rather better.

American Organette

The 14-note Organette

Here are two sample tunes that have been scanned and re-mastered from original 14-note tune sheets from the early 1880's. The arrangements can be very effective, in spite of the limitations of the 14-note scale. The actual sound you hear will depend on how well your computer plays the MIDI "Reed Organ" setting.

There are more downloadable MIDI files on the 14-note Organette Music page.

Celestina Organette

The 20-note Organette

Here are three short MIDI extracts which show several quite different styles of 20-note organette arrangements. These files were scanned and re-mastered from original Wilcox & White "Symphonia" rolls from the 1880s and 90s.

Here are some audio extracts from new arrangements for the 20-note organette by Stephen Kent Goodman. The tunes have been played on the computer using the "Reed Organ" setting, then recorded and compressed into MP3 files.

There are further details and descriptions of these (and other) tunes on the New Arrangements for 20-note Organettes page.

Gem External

The "Gem" Roller Organ

This tune is an audio recording from an original roller from the 1890s. This is the whole tune - the rollers only play for about 40 seconds. The recording was made from a Gem organ in fair unrestored condition, and compressed into an MP3 file.

The 14-pipe Organette

The 14-note Pipe Organ(ette)

Here are three audio samples recorded from my home-built 14-note crank organ.

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